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    General Information

    Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile

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    Asphalt mobile mixing plants are those machines which are mounted on the trucks, semi trucks or other platform and mixes asphalts and other ingredients meant to be used for the pavement of roads highways etc. Mobile asphalt mixing plants are accurate in quality control and mixes aggregates homogeneously.

    Mechanical Operations
    Asphalt mixing plant consists of two aggregate bins and a heated tank for liquid asphalt. Before entering the drum-type rotary kiln, aggregates are precisely proportioned. Aggregates are carried to the drier by an elevator where the extra moisture content of an aggregates are dried up. After being thoroughly dried and heated they are discharged directly into an insulated holding or surge bin at the back of the asphalt mobile plant. Liquid asphalt is heated with electric heating system and along with proportioned stone are brought in the mixing drum at the front of the unit. The end materials are finally applied to the roads for the pavement.

    Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile


    Mobile asphalt mixing plant has the following advantages :
    • It reduces the minimum costs for both labor and materials
    • Waste, or overrun, of material to be disposed of is reduced to a larger extent.
    • Asphalt mixing plants can access to the city and to deep interiors for paving roads without any problem.
    • It can do patching and light paving with hot-mix bituminous concrete (asphalt) in any weather and at any temperature.
    • Suitable for the construction and maintenance of :
      • Roads
      • Runway in air ports
      • Highways

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