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    The term "bulldozer, refers to a tracked tractor fitted with a dozer blade. It is a heavy, driver-operated machine for clearing and grading lands. The tracks gives bulldozer excellent ground hold and mobility through very rough terrain.

    Building Construction Machinery

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    Bulldozer came into existence in early 20th century it has now undergone many modifications suiting to the requirements of the big infrastructural projects. Bulldozer is one of the widely used construction machinery.

    Mechanical Operations of Buldozer Parts

    Tractor, blade and rippers are the main parts of bulldozer. TractorBulldozer is controlled by control joystick, monitor panel, and pedals. It shaves the uneven ground through blade and carries the shaven soil along with it. While shaving, it levels and tightens the ground with its own weight. Ripper on the other hand scratches the ground. Ripper can shave big rocks and hard grounds too which the blade is unable to do.

    Types of Buldozers

    If we talk about the parts of a bulldozer, the major parts of it are the blade, ripper and scraper. All types of bulldozers have blade and ripper as well as scraper. However, some of the bulldozer types have hydraulic scrapers. Thus, the two major types of the bulldozers can be listed as: Depending on the nature of the work dozer blades comes in three varieties :

    Bulldozer Wholesalers- Manufacturers and Suppliers

    We cater to the needs of all types of construction bulldozers through our vast database of bulldozer manufacturers and suppliers. Send Online Enquiry for Bulldozers, Mini Bull Dozers, Compact Bulldozers etc. and get competitive quotes from pre verified bulldozer wholesalers.

    Applications of Bulldozer

    Construction Bulldozer
    Bulldozer is the primary machinery for doing major construction works. The size, weight and the technology used by it has made it applicable for various fields which can be summed as :
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