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    Mobile Hot Mix Plant

    Building Construction Machinery

    Looking for Wholesale Mobile Hot Mix Plant?

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    Hot mix plants are assemblage of various machineries which are used for the purpose of maintenance and construction of infrastructures. Mobile hot mix plants are mounted on any carriage or trucks in which asphalts are mixed for the purpose of construction and maintenance of roads and other things.

    Mechanical Operations

    In mobile hot mix plant, aggregates of all sizes can be used. Available in various models, these hot mix plants are provided with a dust collector for maintenance of pollution-free environment during operation. Mobile Hot Mix PlantFor drying and mixing of the asphalt there are two drums. For liquid asphalt there is a heated tank. After being thoroughly dried and heated they are discharged directly into an insulated holding or surge bin at the back of the asphalt mobile plant. Through electric heating system liquid asphalt is heated. After the end of the process materials are ready for road construction.


    Mobile hot mix plant has utility in the following areas :

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