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    Stationary Crushing Plants

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    Looking for Wholesale Stationary Crushing Plants?

    Allow us to help you find the right suppliers to match your product interests.

    Stationary crushing plants are permanently located in one site, often some distance from the quarry or mine work face. They are provided with the raw materials through off highway haulers. These crushing plants are effective and has many usage. However it has one disadvantage that it has to incur the cost of the haulage which is absent in mobile crushing plants.

    Mechanical Operations

    The basic components of the stationary construction plants are same as the mobile construction plants. The basic components of the stationary crushing plants are feed bin, apron feeder, screen, single toggle jaw crusher and discharge belt conveyor jaw or impactor crusher, power unit, vibrating grizzly feeder, feed hopper, etc. All parts are designed for hardest conditions and most abrasive material. Plant is either powered by diesel engine or by an electric motors. Conveyor is used to pull desired materials from the crushed materials. Stationary Crushing Plants


    The stationary crushing plants despite some limitations are applied in various fields like :

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